FoodChain is granted 200 000 EUR at stage I by EU

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European Funding

Our project proposal about a platform that connects supermarkets and food services to customers, allowing them to buy food that is close to its expiration date at reduced rates, was submitted for approval to the Operational Program "Innovations and Competitiveness", initiated by the European Union.

The project was granted 200 000 Euro at Stage 1 and thus FoodChain was born.

What is it all about?

FoodChain leverages the power of cloud infrastructures and mobile applications to propose a solution to the waste food problem. We give restaurants, supermarket chains, hotels, and any other food services the opportunity to publish food that is about to expire and is otherwise going to be thrown away on a web-based platform.

This information then becomes available to all users via a mobile application, thus increasing the chances of this food being bought out and eaten.