and Traceability

Blockchain is the future of the food industry

FoodChain is building the first decentralized platform for the Shared Food Economy

What is FoodChain Token?

FoodChain Token is a virtual currency - token based on Ethereum Blockhain. It grants low fees, fast transfer, safety thry cryptographic algorithms and transparency.

Great Market Value

The leading digital currency by market capitalization, has grown in value by more than 10 times.

Verified Source

All tokens are own by FoodChain. Every client will buy his own tokens. Client wallet can be verified.

Annual Interest

FoodChain fund will provide annual return of investment. Cash-back or bonuses will help the community.

Secure Transactions

The Blockchain transaction process provide security, traceability and transparency.

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Token distribution allocation(Coming soon)

The FoodChain FCT Token will be important step to decentralized financial model. The FCT will be alive in 2021!

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Privacy Preserving Anonymous Funds Protocol

FCT is ERC20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain. All users will have their own wallets to operate with the token.

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Use your FCT wallet in the mobile app and buy food(coming soon)

FCT will be available in the mobile app to buy food. Other services in FoodChain can be accessed only with FCT.

Secure transfers with verified sources

Easily buy food with FCT within the wallet

Pay as many as you want

Scalability and ready for worldwide use

The FoodChain software architecture is ready to scale for worldwide use. The software is available for WEB, Android and IOS

Service available in & soon at

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